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Cork Reindeer

These are fun and easy to make reindeers ornaments.  Be creative and use small accessories or materials you have around home to decorate them. 


  • 5 cylinder wine corks or hobby corks (same size and shape)

  • Twine or elastic for the holder

  • Accessories such as feathers, pompoms, pipe cleaner, ribbons for a bow, and/or glitter foam for cut outs

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  • Scissors, glue gun, pen or pencil, and ruler

  • This activity uses glue guns which are extremely hot.  Parent supervision is recommended.


  • Glue two corks end to end, and then glue one cork on top of them facing this cork out towards you as the head.  Then glue on a cork for the  torso and the other leg.  

  • Next cut a string or thin ribbon 5” long so you can loop it around and glue it to the back of the Reindeer's head.  This will be used to hang your ornament.

  • Next wrap pipe cleaners around a pen to create a curl.  Cut 3-4  different sizes for your antlers.  Or you can skip curling and just cut the piper cleaner and bend it to shape.

  • Glue the antlers to the back of the Reindeer's head.

  • Now we cover the backside of the Reindeer's head full of feathers or evergreen trimmings for a background to cover.

  • Next, hot glue on the eyes and pom-poms for a nose and tail.

  • To finish you reindeer in style, make a bow.   Your reindeer is now ready to be displayed.

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