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Mask Lanyards

Create one of these mask lanyards from beads, friendship bracelet string, or a repurposed old necklace. Clip the clasps to your mask so that it can hang around your neck when you don't need to be wearing it.


Beaded Lanyard


Friendship Bracelet Lanyard


Repurposed Necklace Lanyard


Friendship Bracelet Lanyard:

  • 5 strands of string cut to 60-80" each

  • Safety pin

  • 2 Lobster (necklace) clasps and rings 

  • Thin pliers or tweezers

Repurposed Necklace Lanyard:

  • An old necklace with a clasp

  • A second clasp or necklace with a clasp

  • Thin pliers or tweezers

Beaded Necklace Lanyard:

  • String or beading wire

  • Beads

  • 2 Lobster (necklace) clasps 

  • 2 crimp beads

  • Thin pliers or tweezers


Friendship Bracelet Mask Lanyard:

1. Line up your string. If you want more of one color in your design than another, use two strings of that color. 


2. Loop the string and tie a knot. Insert the safety pin through the knot.


3. Carefully attach the safety pin to something that won't move as you pull on it.


4. Separate your first color from the others and pull it to the left.


5. Pinch the string and pull it over the other strings to the right to make a triangle.


6. Loop the working string under the group of strings and pull it all the way through.


7. Pull the working string to up and to the right to tighten the knot.


8. Firmly tug on the working string so it is tight against the previous knot.


9. If needed, push the knot you just made tightly against the previous knot


10. Continue to tie knots, alternating colors to make your pattern. To finish the end, fold all but one string back onto the finished lanyard so that there is a loop at the end.


11. Pinch the group of strings together with the finished lanyard. Continue to tie another knot over the loop portion with the string that was set aside. 


12. Continue to tie 10 knots, making sure to tighten each knot as you go. 


13. On the last knot, loop the string around twice instead of once. Finish the knot and pull tightly.


14. Trim all extra string from the end of the lanyard.


Attach a lobster clasp to each loop. Clip lanyard to mask and hang it around your neck. Congratulations, you're finished!


Alternative Lanyards:

Repurpose an old necklace as a lanyard:

  • Add a second lobster clap to a necklace to convert it into a mask lanyard.

  • Remove any extra hoops from the non-clasp side of the necklace, leaving only one. 

  • Attach the second clasp to the necklace.

  • Clip each end to opposite ear loops of mask.

Beaded lanyard:

  • Cut string or wire 14-25".

  • Slide one bead onto string, then slide one crimp bead.

  • Slide on the lobster clasp and loop string back through the crimp bead again.

  • Slide the bead already on the string towards the crimp bead and make sure the end of the string goes through the center of the bead. Use pliers to crimp the bead.

  • Continue to add beads to your lanyard until it is the desired length.

  • Slide on another crimp bead and clasp. Then loop the string back through the crimp bead. Use pliers to crimp the bead and trim the string. Slide any remaining string back through the beads.

  • Attach lanyard to ear loops of mask.

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