Paperbag Stars


  • 5 paper, grocery bags or 7 smaller, paper, lunch bags

  • Hot glue gun or glue sticks

  • Scissors and/or hole punch

  • Twine or string

  • Optional fairy lights


Remove handles from paper bags

Place glue in an upside down T pattern and put another bag on top with the same side down.

Once you have glued a stack of bags together, cut the open ends to a point.

Pull apart the open ends so the bags open like an accordian.

Attach the two outside bags together with either glue or paper clips  if you want to be able to fold the star later for storage.

The unlit star can be finished at this point.

If you want to add lights, poke holes near the base of the bags either before opening star if using small bags or after if using a large bags.

String battery operated fairy lights through the holes and pull the lights up into each star opening.

Punch a hold near the top of a point and insert ribbon or twine to hang. You can reinforce the hole with hot glue after adding hanger if needed.

Create multiple, then hang and enjoy your own galaxy of stars.

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