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Felt Decorations

These little felt shapes can be used as tree decorations, several can be attached to ribbon or string to make a garland, or a single one could be hung onto a door.  They can be used in a variety of ways – depending on the shape or colors you use they can be used throughout the year.

This original craft has been created by a CT English Middle School Leo student.

Screen Shot 2020-12-13 at 5.18.37 PM.png


  • Felt – various colors

  • Pen

  • Cardboard for template

  • Scissors – plain or pinking shears

  • Thick needle

  • Pins

  • Thread – thick embroidery thread works well

  • Buttons – mixed colors 

  • Stuffing material e.g. polyester fiberfill, cotton balls

  • Decorative items – bells, trim, ribbons, sequins, 

  • Felt glue


Draw your chosen shape on the cardboard e.g. stocking, tree, heart, triangle. Mark the inside the cardboard drawn shape with A on one side and B on the other.  

Draw around the shape with A facing up, mark inside the felt drawn shape with A.  Then draw around the shape a second time with B facing up and write B on the felt under the B sided template.  

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.26.33 AM.png

Cut out the two shapes.  Pinking shears work well if doing a running stitch and plain scissors work well with a blanket stitch. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.27.06 AM.png

Sew buttons onto one of the cut out felt shapes – heart, stocking and tree shapes work well.  The inside of the shape will be the sides marked A and B, so sew on one of the sides with no letter.  You may wish to sew buttons on both sides (without a letter marking) so the decoration has buttons on the back and front when finished.  Any messy knots, stretching across from one button to another on the back is alright as it will be inside. Do not go too close to the edge as you need room to stitch the pieces together. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.27.22 AM.png

When finished place the two pieces with A and B together on the inside.  They should match well, if not trim to fit and pin together. Choose a thread color that contrasts nicely with the color of your felt.  Cut a piece of thread about three times the length of the perimeter of your shape. Thread the needle and knot your thread. Start on a fairly long straight piece – a third of the way down from the first corner or curve, and sew towards the first corner or curve.

Use a blanket stitch or running stitch.  The blanket stitch looks best.  You can even do both together. Stop about an inch to an inch and a half before the end.   Stuff the filling material into the shape through the gap.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.27.38 AM.png

Take care not to overstuff as the seams can strain. Once you have finished stuffing the shape finish sewing the edge and tidy up the ends.  Attach a ribbon or thread to hang. You now have a lovely decoration to enjoy!

Santa or Elf Hat:

Sew two red or green triangles together and stuff.

To make the Santa hat glue a cotton ball onto the top of the red triangle. Cut out a strip of white felt or put some cotton balls in a row at the bottom of the red triangle. Use fabric glue to attach. You could also sew on a bell if you would like.  A bell stuffed inside makes it fun too.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.27.50 AM.png

The elf hat is made the same way as the Santa hat but cut out a strip of red felt for the bottom of the elf hat and use fabric glue to attach.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.28.01 AM.png


Use Your Imagination:

The decorations can be left plain.  The stocking shape could even be left open at the top and unstuffed for a small candy cane.

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.28.14 AM.png

Use your imagination to decorate.  Use sequins, braid, ribbons, - have fun!

Screen Shot 2020-12-16 at 5.28.25 AM.png

Presented by:  CT English Middle School Leo Club

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