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Festive Fabric Wreath

These wreaths are easy to make, use inexpensive materials, look beautiful, and store well for many years. Have each child create their own or create your wreath for any holiday, celebration, or occasion. 

Post your wreath and comments to share  #festivefabricwreath

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.51.06 PM.png


  • 2 yards of fabric total (with 2-4 different fabric patterns).  

  • A wire hanger 

  • Pinking shears, or a good pair of scissors

  • Optional add-on accessories: wide ribbon for a bow, Jingle bells, or mini lights

Screen Shot 2020-12-11 at 3.51.23 PM.png


  • Cut your fabric into 1-2 inch wide by 7-8 inch long strips, about 150 strips total. 

  • Place strips in separate piles by styles. (Tip: If fabric can be torn you can tear faster one long strip and then cut into 7-8”long strips).’

  • Bend and shape the wire hanger into a circle. The hook makes a perfect wreath hanger.

  • Tie the fabric strips onto the hanger(changing the strip style on the next one).

  • Scrunch them together tightly as you go. You can single or double knot, it doesn’t really matter.

  • Put in a movie and tie, tie, tie!

  • Continue to tie and scrunch the fabric together until the wreath is as full as you like it. Fluff and twist the fabric so that it pokes out all over, the messier the better. 

  • You can add a bigger bow to the top where the hanger neck is if you like, tie on bells or add lights.   Post your wreath and comments to share  #festivefabricwreath

Presented by:  Spring Myers, Los Gatos Lions, Leo Club Advisor, and owner of

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