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Los Gatos High School Music

Los Gatos High School Marching Band's Fall Showcase for 2020 will be streaming live on Thursday, Dec 10, at 7:00pm.

You can watch the performance here and support our local students.

Scroll down to learn how to make your own tambourine so you can play along!

Make Them Hear You

Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens 

Music by Stephen Flaherty

Arranged by Kirby Shaw

Friday, March 13th 2020. This was the last day in 2020 that students engaged in a maskless and fully immersive experience on campus. This show was written for the 2020 Winter Percussion program that was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were grateful to run this one last full run-through and film it multi-cam for a dynamic viewing experience.

Make a Tambourine


  • Two hard paper or plastic plates

  • Several jingle bells, a handful of beans or small stones or pebbles

  • Yarn

  • A pencil

  • A hole puncher

  • Marker, crayons, stickers, ribbons, decals or foam cut outs


  • Cut 12-14 strips of yarn about 3” long.

  • Place you plates on top facing each other.

  • Hole punch through both plates facing together.  

  • Thread one piece of yarn through the hole and double tie it through both plates.

  • Hole punch again opposite location and run another string through and tie it.

  • Continue to hole punch around the plate on one side about 1.5” wide from each hole.

  • Continue tying the yarn through holes on one side and add a bell every other hole.

  • Next slip in your beans or pebbles into the open untied side of the plates.

  • Continue tying up the open side with a bell on every other hole.

  • Decorate your plate and follow the video below to learn how to play notes with your tambourine.

  • Prepare to play your instrument along with the LGHS Marching Band Concert.          

Presented by:  Spring Myers, Los Gatos Lion, Leo Club Advisor, and owner of

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