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Memorabilia and treasure gift boxes make great personalized gifts.

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Keep it simple so it’s easy for young children to make with adult supervision.

Or you can make them more intricate for teens and adults to enjoy the challenge.


Cigar, cardboard, or wooden boxes, photos, letters, decals, or magazine pictures, background papers, Mod Podge and paint brushes, material for trims and accessories, trinkets and treats.


  • Find a good quality cigar box (wood or thick cardboard with folding lid is best. You can also buy wooden boxes on Amazon or use an old jewelry or shoe box.

  • Determine the theme of your box.

  • Find photos or magazine pictures you want to display on your box.

  • Cut photos in different shapes to create a collage.  Place tape on the box to layout their location or make a template sheet. Or you can apply one large picture.

  • Brush on the Mod Podge where you will be adding images and then brush Mod Podge over the photos. Elmer's Glue mixed with water can substitute for Mod Podge.

  • Carefully place the photo on the box and smooth out any bubbles.

  • After applying photos inside and out of your box.  Apply one more coat of Mod Podge everywhere on all sides.

  • Set your box out to dry thoroughly for a few days before hot gun gluing any accessories such as beads, small figures, or maybe a knob on the front.

  • Fill the inside of your box with trinkets and treats.

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